beautiful flower but weird i think @sardrt

both flower and the macro photo are beautiful,,and yeah the flower is weird

thanks a lot @nurfajarfajri The flowers of these cacti are very special ..

thank you so much @fajaragamaza

Amazing macro!

thanks you so much @yetaras

Love that extreme close up, I need to get a decent macro lens soon.

thanks @azfix my Sigma lens is very good!

I was looking at sigma with telephoto and macro settings for a very reasonable price. I think it was a 70-300mm with a macro setting

@azfix It has the same performance of the lens Nikon but costs half.

strange foreign beauty im saying to the flower...and for the's amazing

I love macro photos, need to find a new lens too! ;)

ah ah ah ... yes @liliana.duarte the lens is essential!

Nice work as always! 👍

Nice macro :-)

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