haha ! I am so happy you do so well with those fascinating photos. You have no idea how much I do miss my kitties back in Bali. They all are precious .
Those eyes !

These are great photos! Are they your cats?

Thanks @dzboston33 No, now I have no cats. ... These are cats I meet around ....

When the human race goes extinct, cats will rule the world.

@pompe72 ah ah ah that interesting perspective ....

so cute...wonderful cats!

Excellent work! Thanks for the fun!

thank you so much!

What handsome cats!!!!!

Great post, and lovely cats. Can I ask you a ?? on Thanks.

@ddschteinn Thanks a lot. Tell me ..

what is your tag for

Amazing blue eyes!! This last one reminds me one I had years ago! If they could speak...ahah
Actualy, they communicate with us, in their own way ;)

You are right, @liliana.duarte ! Eye color is amazing ... to watch for the charmed hours!

Beautiful cats!!

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