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That day came too, today I washed my dog. That's the worst part about keeping a dog. Although I don't wash my dog often, because it's not mine but from my sister's, but I adore it and I couldn't stand looking at it dirty so I took matters into my own hands and bathed it.

See what it looked like


Untitled collage.jpg

This is what cute Buddy looks like before bathing. Fortunately, you can only see what it looks like, but you can't feel it. He did not feel comfortable and did not bathe for a month, but they say that dogs should not bathe often because of their hair, so I decided to bathe him every month.


Another photo before bathing. I must mention that he does not like to bathe and that he does not like water, he always jumps and wants to get out of the bathtub. But what must be done is not difficult :D



And it started ... it will finally not stink and it will be clean, it will smell like spring and it will fit into this season. He will feel the charms of spring for the first time, so I have to prepare him for that. It must smell like spring when I walk down the street so that everyone knows that it is Buddy and that it smells like the most beautiful flower on the planet, its hair must shine and be soft like a cloud.




I apply a shampoo that smells so wonderful that it can't be described in words, but numbers can describe 10/10: D
Buddy and I adore this shampoo because after it, the whole skin smells and its hair is well-groomed and foams nicely. I apply shampoo on his body, then rub it into his hair as best I can and try to make it foam as well as possible. When the foam starts to flow from his silk hair, you can see how dirty the foam is.



After I wash it nicely, the rinsing starts, with light and gentle movements, I make sure to rinse it nicely everywhere so that no shampoo remains on his hair, because if it stays, then it starts to itch for days. He hates rinsing the most, I don't know why, maybe the water jet bothers him. As I rinse it off, his hair becomes cleaner and more fragrant, and the water that drips from it is dirty and goes into oblivion.




After rinsing, I apply it again, but this time I apply a balm that makes his hair even softer and more fragrant, I spread it nicely everywhere again with gentle movements, and I wait 2 minutes for the balm to react. After 2 minutes have passed, the rinsing starts, of course in detail. The balm smells beautiful, it smells like chicken and I feel like I'm on a tropical island, when I open it and Buddy is amazed at how nice it smells.



Washing is finished, I move on to the harder part, drying. First, I squeeze it nicely in the tub and wrap it like a loaf of bread. It looks cute, doesn't it? I take it to my little room, put it in my lap and start the drying operation. Drying does not have to be done in such detail because it is warm outside now, and drying takes too long because his hair is huge. Even though he is small the hair is too big for his size. But no matter it looks too cute still. He's going to have to go for a haircut, what do you think? It looks sweeter to me with shorter hair and I think when the days are warm it will be easier for him too.





It's almost over ... After a long hour of drying, the hair becomes dry and soft. I want to eat it. I tell you again, the hardest part is drying because he has long and thick hair that is difficult to dry, and I couldn't do it alone, my brother helped me. He dries with a hairdryer, it works best, while I brush his soft hair. We are a great team.

You know I told you rinsing is the worst part for Badia, well no, drying is the worst part. The air that heats and blows directly into his little snout bothers him and makes him nervous. He tries to bite the air, but to no avail.


The end has come ... Buddy smells like spring, and I feel better, and I believe Buddy feels better too. Everything now smells clean.

Look good because you will also feel good !!!



With love, Sarah❤️

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