photography sunset scene

in photography •  3 months ago


Few days back i was travelling on my byke suddenly it started raining and i had to stop ,when rain stopped i got this beautiful evening scene where sun was almost hiding behind the clouds just before sunset.


This is another picture which i took after travelling few kilometers where thin layer of clouds forming wave pattern of different types and those cloud waves were exposed to sunlight just after sunset giving feeling of red planet .Dear friends please give me your suggestions and if you like my work i will be motivated if you follow me and vote me, thanks to all.

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Ooo more good cloud pictures. I have seen some good clouds on Steemit the past few days. I love cloud pictures. They are so simple, we should look at the clouds for a few moments, pause, and see what we can see. Give the brain a chance for a pause, and also a chance for creativity.

Everytime I see such beautiful pictures I realise what a miracle our nature is ♥