Lina - Before & After (frequency separation technique)

in photography •  2 years ago 

This photograph (her face) was retouched with frequency separation technique (FS).

Frequency separation allows you to separate the texture of an photograph (for example skin texture in this case) from the tone and colour. So, when retouching you can edit just the texture or you can focus on the skin beneath it.

If you want more deeper view in my retouching process, let me know in the comments below ;)

CameraCanon 5d Mark III
LensSigma 50 mm f/1.4 ART



AFTER (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop)


I love the colours, her eyes are just amazing :D

Love, S.
(all photographs are mine)

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Beautiful job. She looks so natural even after the skin retexturizing - your methods are clutch! Keep up the great work.

Thank you! Means a lot! :) It takes time but the portrait really pops out :D

Art of applied math :) Very subtile and natural retouching

So the first picture it was beautiful but when I saw the second it was much better. Love what you done with the pics would try one personally

Thank you! :)
It's hard to use this technique at first but if you have your own PS action for the layers, everything goes faster. I'll make a quick tutorial very soon :)

Cool. Would love to see your post on the tutorial

Ok wow, what a beautiful photo! I had never heard of Frequency separation. Is this done with photoshop? Do you have any tutorials? I would be really interested in learning!