Cloud sky photography

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how are you everyone.
My name is sanchita dey.I'm a student of bba .I'm 21 years old .Actually I'm hearing my @sushovon002 about this site friend tell me ,you can join steemit social media.when see this website,I fall in love steemit.Now I know this steemit,It's a good community website.

My hobby,

When I 3 years old,see my father he is always do this photo shot. He is a great photographer.I can not understand the look of the photograph when I see my father from the early days. Then my father started seeing this work but I could not finish it. Many things happen in life that may not be possible. Anyway, I'm trying to get right now for photography.

I will show my some photography

5.00 am time, when cloud is cover in the sky then I shot the photo.

5.30 am time,when some cloud clean in the sky then I shot the photo.

5.45 am time,when clear in the sky but full fill clear,I shot the photo.

I'm hear my friend,Ours steem community in have a grateful Father @r2cornell who supported all steem community people.So I pray to hope all steem community friends and greatful father @r2cornell plz plz plz supprted me and help me.

Please kind me supported all steem friends and @r2cornell sir.

If I have any wrong or wrong, then I apologize to all.

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