Angle Is Everything


Photographs taken at the right moment and angle will always leave you in a WOW, even though they normal pics but if you slightly change the angle the whole meaning of the photograph will change😮. photos taken at the perfect angle have the ability to make our heads spin around, Here are some of those pics that will make your head spin.
I like to cl challenge you if you can figure the pic out Before I tell you about in the description 😵.


Yeah yeah I know what you are thinking, you think that he is going to fall down but that's not the case ....turn/tilt your phone to right side, now you see the'll find out he's just lying on the road😂😂.


This is not photoshopped. Just tilt your phone to your right side . 😵😵


This is a good one, but to figure this pic out all you got to do is tilt your phone to your left side and observe carefully.....they are sitting on a sidewalk😂😂😵.


I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this is photoshopped...just turn your phone other way around and observe. You'll observe that these guys are just lying on a rock by the pond and the reflection of the buildings are falling in the water.pretty cool pic right😎.



You may feel like she is good in parkour but that isn't the case here...just turn your phone other way around and you will observe that she is below stairs....😵😵.


You may wonder if this is Superdog 😂😂 but the answer is know there's a reasonable explanation in here just observe carefully,you will find that all the people are lying on the sidewalk but the dog is standing.😵.


If you are thinking that she is coming out of a space portal then you are wrong my friend. Tilt your phone to your left side and observe carefully, you'll see that the women is in a swimming pool with her legs out. Pretty confusing right!!!😵😵😵.


This photo really confused me 😵😵but after some time I figured out what is happening here. Just turn your phone to your right side and observe very carefully you'll find out that they all are lying on the ground.😂😂😵.


If you are thinking that they are in underwater then you are wrong my friend. Just observe carefully. All the effect is by the reflection of water.😵😵.



You may think that the black figure are camels 🐫 but you're wrong. Look closely the black figures are the shadows of camels😵😵😵.

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This is soo cool! I love this! I love photography, this is fantastic! Resteemed and upvoted!

Thank you very much @pinebug , I read your blogs and they are awesome,I love reading them.

Awesome! :) these are great! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks you for reading my blog.

So creative! Good post :)

So creative! Good post :)

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