Billygoat-weed Flower

in #photography9 months ago

Hi friends.Welcome to my photography blog.I wanna exhibit some photos of a beautiful flower in this blog.Name of this flower is billygoat-weed.It is a plant species in the sunflower family,native to Central and South America,but widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide.We know this flower as wild flower.It has distinctive blue or purple flowers.The plant of this flower grows in the jungle areas as well as on the bank of pond and river.This mini flower looks so beautiful.






Thanks a lot for visiting my profile and reading the entire post.I hope you have found this post to be enjoyable and enjoyed some beautiful photography.Stay tuned for such beautiful photography posts from me.

I took these images with 55-250 mm Zoom Lens on a full-frame DSLR Camera Canon EOS 700D in Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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