A Group of Ducks

in #photography9 months ago

Hi friends.Welcome to my photography blog.I wanna exhibit some photos of ducks in this blog.Ducks are a type of bird belonging to the family Anatidae,which also includes swans and geese.This animal is so beautiful and they are are very good swimmer.Ducks have a layer of oil on their feathers that makes them waterproof.This helps them to stay dry and warm in water.Ducks have webbed feet that are specially adapted for swimming.The webbing between their toes helps them to paddle through water with ease.In a pond of my village i saw this group of ducks and captured some photos today.





Thanks a lot for visiting my profile and reading the entire post.I hope you have found this post to be enjoyable and enjoyed some beautiful photography.Stay tuned for such beautiful photography posts from me.

I took these images with 55-250 mm Zoom Lens on a full-frame DSLR Camera Canon EOS 700D in Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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