The Hand of God? AWESOME clouds last night!

in photography •  2 months ago

I was stunned when I saw what looked like a giant left hand appearing out of a cloud formation yesterday. It was as if the clouds making up the fingers were somehow lighter than the rest and the winds were able to separate them into this amazing and slightly strange scene.


This image was shot ten minutes before the fingers revealed themselves.


In other news...

We discovered a new place for the kids to play!

Right next to a beautiful mountain river where the water is calm.


I was able to get this great HDR shot whilst standing on the edge.


From here there is a walk which takes us up higher...


Luna is still quite new to walking so it was a little tough for her.


Here we discovered some lush green moss covered rocks.


And decided to take some home for our garden.


On the drive back I spotted this awesome old building. A church perhaps?


Forever alone in these Great Mountains which separate France from Spain.


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These photos are amazing and your family is very beautiful. You are so blessed!

Whaoh!....Whaoh!! Indeed the Hand of God in the cloud. How did you so strategically captured this in your camera. Its really amazing and out of the box shot. You deserve award and accolade. Nice refreshing walk and beautiful sight seeing for the family isn't ? Bravo @samstonehill


Thanks for the enthusiasm ;)

I just got lucky really! The clouds happened to be doing something amazing at the same moment I was looking at them. I think I look at the clouds a lot!

That is indeed very awesome. Nice family photos and the view is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a beautiful place and family.

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My pleasure. Thanks for dropping by ;)


You’re welcome you as well.

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Amazing view. I can also see a face from that cloud formation. Anyway, the view you have is very wonderful and you have adorable kids too. Thanks for sharing these nice captures you are truly a blessing to others as well.


Thank you for your lovely words :)


Oh! not a problem. Thanks for your reply as well. :)

obviously a hologram created by chemtrails and HAARP as part of an elaborate psychological op. ;) That's an awesome picture!


haha! Not this time ;)

Tomorrow I am trekking to the summit of our tallest peak, Mount Canigou. Weather permitting. Perhaps a quick call to my friends at HAARP will ensure I have a clear day ;)



Gorgeous! I hope it looks like that for your trek!

Amazing capture @samstonehill I am just as stunned as you! It really does look like a hand in the sky reaching out.. waow.


It's pretty amazing hey! I've never seen anything like this before. Though when you spend as much time as I do looking at the clouds, all manner of things will appear eventually ;)

nice picture shots you've got my friend most specially with your family.


Nice picture shots you've
Got my friend most specially
With your family.

                 - gabriellasam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

If you would have read my posts on Geoengineering then you'd know that such a cloud might just be a consequence of some geoengineering experiment, experiments carried out all over the planet. I sifted through quite some patents. Some company located in England that offers wedding weather for ca. 150.000 L or something. I actually haven't finished my series because of a threat that if I want to live my life the way I do, then I stop, and when I didn't stop immediately I've cut my thumb in a very weird accident doing something I did many times already. So some texts still lay unpublished.