Cityscape Photography Contest | Barcelona

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CityScape Photography | Barcelona.jpg

Canon 700D

Location: Catalunya | Barcelona

~ Park Güell ~

I live in an apartment in Barcelona which backs onto Park Güell.
“How lovely” you say, and you’re right I’m very lucky and it is lovely, however the price for this loveliness is paid by the hill. And it costs 4 hills to live here. If you’ve ever been then you’ll know what I mean. And yes there are escalators but they don’t always work and they don’t help you skip all those hills!
First world problems right?

So here is a shot across Barcelona, from Park Güell. I sat down to grab a quiet minute and take in the view when the sun started to set, lighting up the sky red and orange above the mountains on the horizon.

Thanks to @juliank for this weekly contest!

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Amazing picture !!!! Gracias de compartir 😊

Lovely photo. I visited Barcelona many years ago in 2003 and had a great time there, of course visiting Park Guell. I'm a great fan of Gaudi and the unfinished Sagrada Familia.

I also pay the hill price at home, as I live at the top of a hill in Surrey. From town to home is equivalent to 10 flights of stairs.

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Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

Nice sunset. Would love to visit Barcelona one day!

Get in touch when you do! I'll show you around :)

Sounds good :)

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