Jungle Daily - The Veiled Lady

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This is the beautiful Phallus indusiatus, also known as the Bamboo Fungus or long netted stinkhorn but I prefer one of its other common names The Veiled Lady. A close relative to this that grows the volcanic slopes in Hawaii looks identical apart from the head which is bright orange instead of the brown colour you see here. It is said that the fetid odour of the orange veiled lady causes spontaneous orgasms in women.



These were taken using my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS


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Wow no way that’s incredible, I thought you had put a net over it, it looks so cool.

I also much prefer the name ‘the veiled lady’ rather than ‘long nettled stinkhorn’ haha

Awesome, perfect shot and very rare. Also thank you for knowing that kinda of mushroom that exist.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it 🌈🌴💛🦋

Waw... never seen such funges 😍 thanks, for the quick leson ❤️ Love it 😊

Thanks for stopping by. 🌈🌴💛🦋

You are very wellcome ❤️

Wow wonderful place and nice photo.

Thanks very much 🌈💛🌴

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!!

Thank you 🌈🌴💛🦋

Stunning mushroom - Fantastic picture!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thanks for your comment and resteem xxx🌈🌴💛🦋

WOW! Very interesting. It is so fascinating to see photos like this. Everything, no matter how big or small has such a huge level of intricacy and detail to it.

Awesome photography
My Dear steemit friend Thank you so much

The Veiled Lady-~~ fits its name:)

Wow. This is something I have not seen before.
You are right, I also like The Veiled Lady name which is actually pretty cool.
I would love to see one in orange color, even though this one is very pretty and unique as it is.

Thanks for sharing it with us @sallybeth23

Thanks very much for your nice comment

wow !nice name ...

Thank you 🌈🌴💛🦋

The nature invented such miracle)))

Beautiful lady mushroom!!
She forgot sunglasses at home! The sunshine is too strong for this veiled lady!! Where has the umbrella man gone?! No bonus for him this month!!

Haha thanks for a classic @kaminchan comment. You are awesome. 🌈💛🌴🦋

Wow very interesting I have never seen anything like this, is it poisonous?

Thanks for your comment. They smell bad but are not actually poisonous to humans or animals.

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Very nice mushroom photo I love it😊😊😊

Thank you 🌈🌴💛🦋

Amusing little shroom there thanks for sharing! 💯🐒

Thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you 🌈💛🌴🦋

Mushroom in net

What a nice name !

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