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in photography •  3 months ago

LIVING GREEN - A poem by @sallybeth23

How green, how clean,

How wild, unseen.

How fresh the air,

Toxic minds repair.

To walk, to swim

To breathe, begin.

A life so pure,

Regret no more

The passing heartbeats

The urge to retreat.

A life embraced.

Each step with grace.

With love, with light, with gratitude,

With empathy, a soul renewed.

Puravida 🦋







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Beautiful images and poetry - wonderful :D


Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it 🦋🌈💛🌴🍀

So lovely , a beautiful work of nature.


Thank your u very much 🍀🌈🌴🦋💛

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Your pust is very good,
you have won my vote!
Keep it up so.


Lovely poem! This place is really a green natural heaven on earth! You must have been the forest fairy inyiurcost life that’s why you could find such a place in this lifetime!



What a lovely comment thank you 💚🍀🌴🌈❤️🦋