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in photography •  5 months ago 

Happy Friday Steemit Family!

Here are some super colourful moments to welcome in the weekend with! These beautiful birds were perched right outside my bedroom window! What a treat!

Namaste xxx


IMG_0227 2.jpg

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I think it's best of natural photography in February -2019

thanks very much

What a delightful sight you have from you bedroom! They are beautiful birds. ❤

Thanks Neli xx

Hi friend @sallybeth23 same things here I captured many birds pic from my windows one I share with you.
But your pictures better than my pic
Beautiful Colourful photography.

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wow that is a beautiful bird! What a lovely face he has! Thanks so much for sharing that with me.

Wow! That's a great view :)

thanks, it is isn't it!

Yes! I do need some colourful energy right now before I fall asleep!!
These parrots are so fantastic.

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Thank very much, I am glad you see them before you sleep. I wish you sweet dreams my friend.

Wow ... a pair of parrots - how romantic!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thank you so much for your nice comment. Yes I think they are lovers!


Thats bird is colourful pic . Good job . Namaste

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thank you

Wow. That's an amazing sight to see when you look out your window. They are very colorful and beautiful

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It is an amazing sight indeed. I am certainly very grateful for such experience in. my life.

Gorgeous parrots! Fancy seeing them casually out of the bedroom window haha tropical life eh?

Tropical life for sure is very colourful! Birds are wonderful creatures all over the world though I think. Like colourful flowers in our gardens.