Bliss state - Sharing The Joy of Being Human

in #photography4 years ago

This photo I took of the Total eclipse of the blood moon back in January.


Being human is a such a blessing for a million reasons. The one I am considering this morning is that we can reach Bliss state from listening to a sad song. Not all sad songs of course create feelings of bliss. This one for me however, certainly does. So I am sharing it. Lay back, close your eyes and turn up the volume.



That's a great sight to look at stunning shot !

Thanks very much

I wish one day i'll capture this like photo....

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Thank you so much, I hope you do one day too. 🌈🦋🌴💛🍀

Sally how do I contact with you without whatsapp
I've only messenger when I available in my office ..........
Do you have facebook ?

Yes! It’s amazing being born as a human being! Such potentials! Too much that I don’t know where to start sometimes! Hahaha.

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Do you use steemit chat?

I saw your post on Discord!

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How did you take this moon photography?

With my canon powershot on automatic and full zoom

I'd never heard that song before. It's pretty good. Nice photo of the blood moon as well. Very cool

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Thats totally awesome, glad you liked it. Thanks so much.

There you have a real shot of a picture, getting a good photo of lunar eclipse is not that easy. Good job.Thank you for sharing.😀👍

Thank you SO MUCH!! Is wasn't was and so freezing cold at five thirty am in an icy wind! haha Worth it all though to hear it is enjoyed. Bless you.

I havent heard it before, but it is very nice and calming :)

Sweet! Glad you like it xxx

Nice shot. I hear about the blood moon but i did not see it

Thanks very much Pleased you can see a little of what it looked like.

I also blood moon photography click on January month but friend this is really nice pic.

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Thanks It was difficult to catch it for me but this one came out nicely I thought. Thanks for your comment

Hi Sallybeth,
Absolutely brilliant image of the blood moon, and beautiful song!

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