URBAN DECAY: Metropolitan Manila // A Photo Gallery

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Urban Decay n.

or urban blight
the decay and deterioration of an urban area due to neglect or age

Urban decay has been one of the most popular concepts of photography taking particular interest in and pictures of abandoned buildings and old rotted structures. This genre in photography captures the beauty in the eerie and most often mysterious corners of deteriorating cities.

Urban Decay: Metropolitan Manila
exhibits a modern twist in the typical concept of urban decay, capturing stills of a day in the life of one of Metro Manila's lifestyle districts, Bonifacio Global City, taking particular focus on the modern structures, line play, and grunge patterns; depicting the fast-paced life in the concrete jungle as it carries itself into the transition of modernization leaving traces of culture to decay in its wake.

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urban decay photography here.

Photos taken using Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 || Post-processed in Adobe Lightroom CC


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