Elephant is The largest ground mammal

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Elephant grouping The leader is the most powerful pawn. In the center of the children, the mother-daughter-in-law surrounds the children. If the children are older, then they take place outside the group. Dulhuto also happens.


Elephant pregnancy is the longest in the animal kingdom - about two years (22 months). Although live in the story for a hundred years, the elephants actually live 60-70 years.Semba-shower-pic-e1403677245211.jpg


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Great blog I did not know that about the elephant family thats new to me great craftwork and layout very clear bringing value to the Steemit platform and thats just what the Steemit Family love it keeps us going thank you saifsinformation and keep'em coming Family

You're Correct, Elephant grouping The leader is the most powerful pawn.

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