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In rural life, Baishakh's comparison is comparable. With the celebration of the city festoon Baishakh, the village boishakh has little in common.

I have never lived in Dhaka in Baishakh Buying a Punjabi in Baishakh was mandatory while in Dhaka. I used to go shopping for the house.

Thirteen great people in our twelve months. The festival does not end. We like to rejoice at any level. The scholars said that almost all the festivals of Bangali are of some kind of religion. These tribes have different castes, people of different religions rarely participate together but the main festival is not universal. This is the only universal festival of Bengal to celebrate Pahela Boishakh

On this day people of different religions and tribes celebrate together together. There is no narrow obsession with religion. That is why this festival is so comprehensive that on the first day of Bangla month.

As a child, I used to sit in large numbers in the market with the house. In addition to the races, bullfighting, rope pulling, cock fighting, various games of ancient Bengal. Once upon a time, we took part in the competition with an Australian-born bull. There was not a second in the area of ​​this well-heeled tall-tailed bull. Seeing our bulls, other competitors got scared. They said they were unable to take part in the fight. Ultimately, without fighting, we returned home to dance to dance with the first prize.
I crossed six-six buses and sat in a foreign country. Not only in villages, but also in Dhaka, about eight thousand miles away in Germany. However, since we are Bengali, we can not ignore any event in front of it.

Among the thousands of busy, Eid-Puja-Paran-Baishakh is a very small part in foreign countries but the Bengalis celebrate all over the country. But the way Boishakh's happiness in Bangladesh would have been enjoyable with friends, there are varying degrees here. Boishakh means eating too much abroad, and then according to the ability to sing and sing.
Considering that direction, this time, we had an unusual mix of boishakhi programs in the Munich city with joy, music, dance, poetry recitation, romance news, sports, quiz etc.

In Munich, we are working as family and students in the family bridge, named Ada Munich. Always try to get everyone together in special days. Ana-Sumon couple is leading the work from the front and Tushar's brother in Sanskrit

Before a Baisakh ceremony on April 15, a community center in Munich, which was rented out in a piece of paper, Dance and singing, poems are accompanied by domestic games and tricks. These exercises were going on almost every day. There is a huge Khanadana.

On our program, the journey started with the collective picture of Baishakhi on stage, followed by the leadership of the brother of snow, singing songs and songs of children. There were also more cock fighting, kids' scoop racing, some folk games with the pillow chair of the people.
About two weeks ago, Suman Bhai, Zia Bhai, Fahim Bhai, Shakib Bhai, Tushar Bhai, Rajib Bhai, Jasmine Bhabhi, Swapna Bhavi, Beli Bhavi, Anna Apu, Tanzina all took the initiative to complete the event. It has been possible to complete this program in a big way.

We have taken all the preparations for the weekend meeting in the absence of a wide variety of studies, jobs and so on. After all the collective efforts, everyone has enjoyed an aesthetic ceremony, it is our pleasure. It has not been so much aesthetic, I can do Boishakh abroad - this or what less!


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