Flies in Action Cameras (Special Macro Photography)

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Hallo steemians, Every day I keep on grasping the science of photography, talking techniques and photography style may be endless, it can be channeled through individuals who continue to study photography every time.

Today I tried photography activity with object flies. This fly is very small and wild, if we approach it he must run. In my photography activities today, I use a smartphone camera with added macro lens for great results and some edits I get for this work.

These flies I found in my house's lawn, when after the rain passed, the fly was perched on the ground just a half-meter away from me. Slowly I aim for the fly to be my photography work today. I hope you like it.

I hope you like my post. I would like you to give me feedback on this photo that I follow. Thank you

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wow very beautiful macro pictures :)
I really love the macro world ;)

Thanks a lot...

WOW! that has to be a very very special lens to be able to take perfect pictures like that !

Thanks you very much @moderninvestor

verry beutiful

@Safar01 neutulong mita siat keulong lensa makro nyan.. Cukop hawa ku sineuk.. Kunak keumodak.. Mangat na bahan postingan.. @syahhiran

bereh njan, neumita camera film jameun mantong saboh enteuk kemudian jeut long olah beujeut keu macro :D

Ok thanks a lot

Beautiful photos:)

Thank you very much @animal-shelter

Wow, so detailed. These insects look totally different in macro photography!!

Omg this is fantastic macro! Fabulous job :)))