Introducing Bangladesh - Chapter 1

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 Hello Steemians
Welcome to the Introducing Bangladesh series! 

 Here I will try to introduce my country and it's amazing and beautiful places to this amazing community. I will be providing many pictures[taken by me] and fun facts and stories behind them. 

 So for the first post I have decided to Introduce Coxs Bazar the worlds longest sea beach. It is 121 Km long. It was discovered by Captain Cox in 1798  and later it was named after him. 

I am sharing the pictures of my last trip there. I hope you guys will enjoy it


Majority of the population of Coxs Bazar live by fishing in the Bay of Bangal. They use specially made small fishing boats. Often they come back with more mysterious the the types of fishes. Fishing in the ocean is a very dangerous job. These fishermen are very familiar with the harsh realities of life and death. Sometimes empty fishing boats are seen floating  back to the shores though rescue teams are sent by the authority but they usually don't have and success finding them and it is a custom among some of the fishermen families to leave these empty boats on the beach. Because it is believed by the Fishermen that those boats are cursed and hunted by the deceased fishermen.

 Another attraction is the Moheshkhali Island near the Cox’s beach bazar  coast. The island can be reached via speedboat. Here, visitors can view  the breath-taking view of the island. With the bright green color of its  mangrove forest that will surely amaze everyone who come to see the  place. This is definitely the next best thing to explore.

 Cox’s Bazar is really recommended for people who  seeks for serene,  relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life.

 If you have liked my post and would like me to continue post more content like this please upvote this post and follow me and I am very open to constructive criticism so if you have any problem with my content or if you have ideas that would help my content please help me by commenting below.  

Thank you for reading my post 



thanks for sharing this....keep voting

Nice to see a fellow Bangladeshi here, I am glad that you have liked my post

Thank you

Wow, what a beautiful place, I have just looked up some information about your country, and It is indeed amazing. I would like to do some sightseen activities there. I upvoted you, please check out my new blog.

Thank you for showing interest in my post. I hope you visit Bangladesh soon....

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