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More of girls' emotions.

So love is the wrong girl. Girls are crying because of emotionally giving love to women.

Ask your conscience not to be emotionally empowered, what you really love or whether it is your temporary fascination ,,,,

Many times it has been seen so much love for so many days because of the neglect of the other.

Understanding that you are holding the relationship. Maybe you want to get out of it but you can not get it. Maya is stopping you from getting screwed.

But still ask yourself again, are you not making any mistake? Do not you have to cry all your life by increasing the reliability of wrong relationships?

Remember, you have to take all the responsibilities you do, but you must take it. So think again, do not indulge in emotions, and make life better.


Good snaps @sadiasiddique you are very pretty.

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Nothing to say.You all are cute!