🌚 Space Photo's 📸

in photography •  10 months ago

I got an adapter that lets you attach a cell phone to a telescope, grabbed a few shots the other night:

Moon edited:



That was just with an old spotting scope 80mm or so.

Perhaps you will enjoy!

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Wow you captured moon ?? omg ... that adapter would be so coolest thing

wow amazing. Jupiter moon is also seeing in the pic. such an amazing gadget i must say. nice capture. @ryn

Great photo and amazing gadgets for your photography.

Wow! Mesmerising space picture (moon, Jupiter). Awesome photography @ryn sir.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have s glorious day! 🤗💙

I recognize myself as number one fans of the moon.
Will I be lunatic?

Well that sure are amazing shots ;)

The 1st one is indeed stunning !

Liked them all by the way !

wow crystal clear shots oh just wow you are a professional in photography department :D