🐱 Cat Lake 2.0 📸

in photography •  9 months ago

Took a second trip to Cat Lake in Squamish BC Canada, tried out a different spot, and got some photo's:







Perhaps you will enjoy!

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Awesome photography dear

Brilliant and amazing photography. I really loved your post @ryn sir. 🤗💚

Wow looks like totally different atmosphere with different enjoyable place and the forest looking so beautiful and I mostly like your tempt where you spend your night...

Seems like you spend some great time out there !

No wonder the place is indeed beautiful.

Lovely shots buddy !

Magnificent place where you can see that you live a deep peace to be in contact with nature, are the moments that we must take to forget a little of the routine that overwhelms us every day in the big cities. Thank you for sharing your photos.

The best part of campfire and food, great place and time spent there.

You are living a adventurous life so cool that's amazing :D