Animating My Photos (Work in Progress)

in #photography7 years ago (edited)

I finally got some free time tonight and have been experimenting with one of my images.

I took the original still image in Japan. Your looking at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

The file size is very large. If you don't see the image, try refreshing your browser. I think my image hosting site isn't playing well with this file type. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the animation loop seamlessly without stuttering. Right now, it looks like there is a glitch in the matrix. I'll keep working on it. : )

Till next time, have a great weekend everyone.

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what incredible architecture and imagine trying to build in that location ... impressive!

Beautiful nature view. Beautiful Image and nice click dear friend. I'm also a photographer

from india or pakistan ? :D if pakistan please capture mine too :D xD

is it taken by you or edited by you ? Btw it looks like a rainy weather <3 full romantic :D

Yes, I took the image a few years back when on vacation in Japan. Thanks @hassanabid

is it weather for all the time or sometimes ? if all the time the good weather i would be really willing to go to Japan :D

No animation showing here. Just a static image.

edit: it's moving now.. ;)

Incredible picture Rudy! So professional looking! I know you've been having fun with all your girls and I hope everyone is in good health and have a happy Sunday!🌿🕊🌻

Such a good photograph on your behalf. Positioning is great, I love how the wheater isn't perfect and how it contrasts with all the gree trees. Great stuff!

You are very talented. I'm following you to see more articles of this kind

You took a very beautiful oriental beauty. @runrudy

That's a cool effect, is this all done from one source photo?

Hey dude, thanks! I used trey ratcliff's program plotagraph. Real cool. Have a great week.

Beautiful palace with nice scenery!

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