Country drive California Route 63 with the babies. Tulare County is the land of oranges and the gateway to the National Parks

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What another beautiful morning here in the state of California. After I dropped my girlfriend's son off at school, the boys and I went for a country drive on State Route 63 toward Kings Canyon National Park.

Tulare County produces 50% of California's Oranges. My whole life I've been surrounded by orange orchards and many orchards have rows of palm trees. You can see this if your heading toward State Route 180 to the National Parks.

From our house, we are only 60 miles from the National Parks

Another row of Palm Trees along State Route 63

When you see this City of Orange Cove Sign, you almost to State Route 180 and on your way to the National Parks.

Here is a photograph of the edge of the San Joaquin Valley and a photograph of a barn on the way back home from our rural Tulare County drive.

Lastly, a photograph of my baby boys...The Harvey and Mr. Daniel.

Thank you for viewing the photographs of our country drive on State Route 63 this morning.

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Very nice pics @runridefly! Looks great Sir:)

@steemit-life, I really appreciate your kind comment. The weather is amazing this time of the year. It was a nice drive this morning. Steem On Friend!

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Beautiful country! Are any of those date palms? Do you eat a lot of oranges? ; )

@haphazard-hstead, not sure about palms. I grew up surrounded by orange trees and they use to stay on trees a lot longer. I would eat 3 or 4 oranges a day during the season. In High School, our wrestling team would run down a country road to a stop sign and back surrounded by orange orchards. I would eat two or three during the two mile run. I remember those orchards always had huge super easy to peel navel oranges. Navels are a winter fruit and the valencia is a summer fruit.

Those are some great memories. Thanks for sharing them. It seems pretty magical.