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©2018 - @rubencress | Click to enlarge.

So, we left Aeschi bei Spiez pretty early (late according to Joyce xD). We leeched some Wi-Fi before we went, alarming the family that we were safe and sound. O wait, I didn't even tell my family that we drove ourselves insane and to Switzerland, I just send them a picture of where I was and they are like: Where the fuck are you now? Just kidding, my mom doesn't have a foul tongue like me. But she wasn't really surprised that I took off again. Damn, what do I have to do these days to keep my parents shocked? I might be 30 years old, but I am still the same kid that loves to tease his mother. The look on her face is just priceless and I love her to bits for that.

©2018 - @rubencress | Click to enlarge.

As the adventure continued, we saw many, many amazing places we don't usually see here in the flat-life back in Holland. Landscapes in Holland are flatter than my chest, and really, there isn't much curvy going on there the last time I checked... Joyce and I talked about wild-camping, the thought alone was satisfying, but it is forbidden in most places in Switzerland. Unless you wanna pay a huge fine, this should be something to avoid. We wondered who fucked it up for all of us. What imbecile did what to make a fine for wild-camping about 10.000 Euro? Okeeee... dear reader, you can fantasize about it now as well. Don't drift away though, but I kinda would love to know what creative stuff you can come up with. My brain is too ill to express myself.

©2018 - @rubencress | Click to enlarge.

During our mission to find the lake that was under us I was repeating myself over and over again. Wow, omg, shit, look at this... and then, while driving, I saw a pretty wild river floating right next to us. Hitting the breaks, like Chuck Norris would hit a bear, we found a spot where we could cross the street to make some shots and also, Joyce could finally dip her feet in the cold water. Since I was driving, wearing socks in shoes, I didn't, the smell would perhaps kill wild-life instantly. Would you dip your toes in it? I kinda envied her for that!

©2018 - @rubencress | @Joyceham taking some shots, bare-feet.

Want to know how I made a shot? I'll be explaining some technical shots from our trip during a DLive stream, so you can learn more about photography and maybe this will lead to improving your own. During the stream you can ask me other photography related questions that I hopefully can answer for you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this rather short story about our small adventure! See you at the next one.


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Since you want your comment section to be revived, I'm gonna ramble here

These are again beautiful shots, Ben. Wish I could go there too T_T
I want to ask about this photo:

Did you purposely bring your tripod to get this shot or can you make yourself transform into a human tripod or something? Since you are good at standing ... oops What was the shutter speed to get this smokey cool effect for the water? (cos the camera info was lost in the exif thingy). That's all for now. :D

PS- I really like Joyce's dress. Do tell her! Girls love to be complimented with what they wear, seriously. And it's quite sad when nobody notices the clothes we spent a few bucks on < /endofcomment>


I'm going to try if @joyceham is able to reply to your message :-p she already did over text, but it would be funnnnn to see her comment to you on here right?!

Joyce and I talked about wild-camping, the thought alone was satisfying, but it is forbidden in most places in Switzerland.

Living in Finland where we have "Every Man's Rights" protected by law, this makes no sense. We can pick berries and mushrooms even in private property and a temporary stay is allowed and nobody can drive you away as long as you do not disturb anyone (ie. camp in someones backyard) or cause damage to the environment. I mean, as long as you cause no damage to the trees and leave no trace of your stay into the nature, who the fuck cares if you spend a night outside in the cold when everyone is sleeping in their warmed up houses and actually leaving a bigger carbon footprint?

Whoever has come up with stupid rules as giving fines for camping outside should stuff the law book up in their ass and lick it clean and burn it with gasoline.

Anyhow, in practice nobody will even see your camp – even less likely the police if you don't decide to make a camp next to police station – when you just choose a site out of people's sights. So, go ahead and be a bit of an anarchist 😈


Oh man... exactly this. I understand that we need to preserve nature and all that stuff and that there are loads of dickfaces ruining it just because they do not know how to behave. Yeah, I love Scandinavia for that matter! Rules, rules, rules.... we need that island man!!


Thank you!

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Thanks! totally going to use this more often, thanks for the tip @choogirl

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Damn, it took me quite a while to hunt the -exact- spot for this location (the creek) on Google Maps, but it is so much fun!

You got a 45.10% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @rubencress!

I know nothing about photography. I do know it is always handy to keep a spare flip flp se in the car.
We can only camp in designated areas here. Unless you know property owners.
I bet some dummy set the forest on fire or something. That is what happens here a lot. All the school kids have to learn about Smoky Bear and forest fire prevention.


Where are you from? Flip flops, Smoky Bear, Fire Prevention... I'm so hungry all of the sudden!

Lovely shot sir
Keep Countinue with this type fantastic contain. I need more learn to you.
Many many thanks for share with us
All the best. Carry on


Hey @anon9, thanks you. Hopefully you can learn or get inspired by my posts. You're welcome and cheers :-)


you are mostly welcome yr