Visiting deep inside the Sundarbans & spent days with Bawali - Episode #10

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In the last October-November I visited Sundarbans, the world's one of the largest mangrove forest. It was also declared as world heritage site by UNESCO in 1997. In this forest a numerous wildlife species exist - birds, reptiles, fishes, amphibians and also the king of the forest "Royal Bengal Tiger". The ganges dolphins & crocodiles are also living in the canals of Sundarbans. Chital is a one kind of spotted deer living in this forest. The rural life in the area of this coastal forest is also very attractive. They basically maintain their lives by collecting honey, woods and fishes. In the native language they are called as Bawali. I spent some days with them. Here I share some of my tour photographs of Sundarbans and Bawali --

Sundori, Garan, Kewra, Gewa, Bain Trees in the jungle

Camera : SONY
Model : DSC-W710
Location : Sundarbans, West Bengal, India
Snap Taken : 03 Nov 2017

To Be Continued...

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wonderful photography.

Wow, Beautiful green. You are fantastic to clicked such an amazing sight. Thanks

'Sundarbans' are really a world class heritage of India. 'Sundri' or mangrove tree is a very important and useful tree. These trees must be saved for the preservation a great ecosystem there.

Thank you @akdx for your valuable information :)

Your photography is always awesome. :)

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