Three photographs of My Sri Lanka Tour - Rivers, Mountains & Falls

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During my visit to Sri Lanka I took a two day journey through the hilly central part of the Sri Lanka. The journey begins at Colombo at 6 in the morning and moved slowly through the breath-taking sceneries of hilly Sinhala. I have captured quite a few snaps  

1. Kalu Ganga River:   

It is also called the Kelani River in English. In Singhalese language, ‘Ganga’ means River whereas ‘Oya’ means small river or stream. It is the largest river near Colombo and one of the largest in the country. How beautiful the river is in the dimness of the dawn.  

2. An Unnamed fall near the Adam’s peak  

We stopped for a cup of tea near the famed Adam’s peak. From the observatory railings I clicked this awesome picture of the waterfall.

 3. The MahaOya River 

On the way back from NuwaraEllya we came across this small mountain river. Both the sides of the river is habited with dense forests. It was so lovely.

More photos are coming .....

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That waterfall is stunning!

Beautiful places you captured here.

thank you :)

You're welcome

thanks for photos. Please tell me more about people and locals :D

I'm writing now ..... it's just an introduction ..... a quick introductory :)

great, thanks

Nice pics buddy ☺️

thanks buddy :D

Beautiful nature and photos friend. Continue,continue.

Congratulations dear friend @royalmacro for the beautiful photos you have captured, I must admit that I would not know which of them is the most beautiful, thank you very much for the chronicle of the trip, thank you very much for sharing these beautiful photos.
Have a great day

Awesome places and ice photography. Must have been an amazing journey for you @royalmacro.

looking forward to more photos, this puts Sri Lanka on my travel list!

Nice job, upvoted and followed :)
Why don't you check my last story about photos? I hope you will upvote it

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