From my Kolkata Book Fair Photo Album - Series #09

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A photography exhibition held in the Book fair

Camera : SONY
Model : DSC-W710
Location : Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkata City, West Bengal, India
Snap Taken : 04 Feb 2018

To Be Continued..

Previous Episodes : Episode #01, Episode #02, Episode #03, Episode #04, Episode #05, Episode #06, Episode #07, Episode #08

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wow,,,nice post,,i altime follow you

First one is very good bro. This picture show how fast can dear run.

a picture full of meaning ... the first picture is interpreting to us to pursue a dream like a horse running fast ... the second picture, sit and always read the state of every road that will be taken....

wow nice post beautiful painting

Awesome pictures @royalmacro
I like it

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