in #photography4 years ago

White Lightning petals ....

Camera : samsung
Model : SM-A310N0
Location : West Bengal, India
Snap Taken : 14 March 2018

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The white petal is looking wonderful. Nice shot.

Just amazing photography. Keep it up bro.

Its the sign of purity.

beautiful white lightning petals @royalmacro ..
I often visit your blog and I am very amazed with your post photo collection .. it looks like you like about landscape photos and nature around ...
sorry if my opinion is wrong .. but if true I recommend you to use the application #steepshoot just let it easier to share your photos ..

that's pumpkin flower?

marvelous looking of this flower.

awesome natural photography. keep sharing the beautiful pictures . keep rocking :)

Wow, I like it.nice photography

Amazing photography.
I like this photo.

really awesome looking of natural photo
thanks for share

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

no dout ,awesome view of flowers ,thanks


nice photograph

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