Amazing arts by unknown artists - Series #08

in #photography4 years ago

I captured all these art photographs in the Kolkata Book Fair, 2018. I tried to know the original artists of these awesome arts, but, failed. Enjoy this awesome arts. All credits goes to the unknown artists :)



To Be Continued..

Previous Episodes : Episode#01, Episode#02, Episode#03, Episode#04, Episode#05, Episode#06, Episode#07

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Very artistic @royalmacro

is a real plcer visit your blog and find this beautiful works of art, congratulations for the beautiful catch dear friend @royalmacro
Thank you very much for teaching us
I wish you a great day

thank you. Have a nice day friend :)


thank you :)

Seniman yang sangat luar biasa apakah saya melihat foto senimannya.

that is an artist who deserve an award looks awesome,

Very good post royalmacro you make a great effort thank you for your effort

I like your post very much

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Thanks for sharing.
They are amazing.

I am a neofigurative artist, I respect very much the realism, you are very good at what you do that it is great to appreciate your work