A rural road in India

in photography •  3 months ago

A rural road in India

Snap taken : 22 Sep 2017
Camera : SONY, Model : DSC-W710

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I'm stating that your post has been very nice. Because the photos and photo movements are great. So I would like to say that if I post such a post, I would love a lot. Thank you


many many thanks @akikur100 :)

Wow, the detail is awesome!! beautiful colours and composition; really wonderful shot ❤

wow such a nice natural beauty. looking some peace here and very nicly click dear


thank you nikhil :)

The image defines a step towards development of infrastructure of rural areas and it is a good sign that our villages are developing.

Very glad to know about the rural Road it is a Useful information thank you for the all it's good to be make knowledge about every places because anytime in the it can be useful for us weather if you go there how you will already know about the street or the road good to be Bing knowledged..


thanks totan :)

look like my village. thanks for remind me

Bhai kabhi apene area pe bhi ghumne ana...malkangiri...full rual area he..