The danger of walking always the same way

in #photography3 years ago

As my readers probably know, at the moment I live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This place is very familiar to me. Over last 4 years, I have spent here more than 10 months here. At the beginning I was exploring the area quite a lot, but with time I tend to move around using the same routes. Fortunately yesteday I decided to break that habit. Have a look at what I have discovered!











I was amazed! Such a great art is there and I am sure that most of people visiting Playa del Carmen do not know that it exists! At the same time I was grateful for the impulse to change my "safe way". Thanks to taking this "risk" I was greately rewarded :)

So my suggestion for you today is to change something in your life. It may be as small as changing the way you go to work or to your favourite shop. You may discover some things you were not avare of! And your reward my be around the corner!

And to finish, as somebody famous said: you will not have different results if you keep doing the same things :)

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