Bald Eagle - Blackbird Interaction

in photography •  2 years ago

This blackbird just gave the Bald Eagle he is chasing a "heads up". I was stunned when I saw this. I was very fortunate to capture as much as I did because it took place over a couple seconds. This is one of my favorite images. It is rare to see that kind of interaction between blackbirds and eagles and rarer still to be able to photograph it.

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Ha Ha


Thank you very much!

In the Czech republic lives sea eagle and you can see the same show.
A very big majestic eagle bothered by crows or smaller birds of prey.
Sometimes the eagle makes a swing maneuver and uses it´s claws,
but the other birds are too agile.
It is always welcomed air show.


Thanks for your comment. I have totally enjoyed photographing eagles and will be posting more images as I add to my collection on Steemit.