#Photography ; Supermoon Rises Above Tucson Beautiful.

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The day I captured the Lunar eclipse I went out to shoot the full moon rising over Tucson.. I was able to capture a time-lapse of the whole thing, but the photos I captured with the 500mm were basically unusable, well so I thought.

Luckily I saved photos from this photo shoot and I'm very glad I did it. Why are you asking? Because last week I worked a lot with photoshop and learned how to fix the problems I had by piling up and combining my 2 exposures from the month of publication, which I took back to back.

So, here it is, Supermoon rises above Tucson Beautiful! Enjoy!

Settings and Gear, Canon 5D MK IV Canon 500MM f / 4 IS II Figure 1 500mm, f / 4, ISO 400, 0.8 Figure 2 500mm, f / 4, ISO 400, 1/20 All editing is done in Photoshop.


Thank you very much for the visit, I love all of you ...

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By @roendo.

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That looks so unreal, great pic!