To become Master in this field we need a lot of PRACTICE by using the above pyramid. It really helps us by all means


Even I'll practivce more whn I'll purchase a DSLR this month. So, I can say this guide helps me a lot, especially 'Manual Mode' tip.

I always got confused with light/shadow because I hardly pick up when the shadow is hard or soft.

To get an image idea and own style both are playing an important role in your art this is what why people admire your photographs. This thing spice up your image more than a random DSLR cause you can add spice in you art using even smartphone.

To cut in short, this guide really really helping me. Thumbs Up for you that you get some time to write up here. :)

it's really helpful for photography lovers like me thank you for sharing this valuable experience and information with us.
u always share something Really Informative keep it up @rockz

I am a beginner photographer and when I started I said "Is not hard , you have just to aim and click" , but now I understand that is not like that. If it took you 10 years to reach "Image ideea" , I think I shouldstrat right now ,to reach the "own style" before die.
I posted a photo , you can see here
I know it is not high quality , because I don't have high quality equipment , because money.... But I will invest more in the equipment in the near future.
Thank you.

indeed it will help alot, there is always some process to be followed

thanks for the tip

teach me too bro

Wow! What a wonderful article I'm going to read here on steemit? This is the best guideline which you provide to the newbies who are yearning for learning photography skills. The pyramid pictures is really what which have to be followed by every photographer because just taking pictures isn't enough to become a photographer as many of the users on steemit says they are photographer but no, even hell no.

How to take a picture and where you have to take in which angle all are important things which really needs to be considered to become master on it.

I knew it is hard to take high quality captures but I had never thought that is so hard. If it took you 10 years to reach "Image idea", it will take me a lot of time to reach the top of the pyramid.

I just posted a photo The moon

I know it isn't high quality.But to take more quality photos I need a better equipment and I have to invest more time in this. Now I don't have high quality equipment because I have not enough money...

Thanks for teaching

welll rockz before this post i was impress by ur photography skilss but with this post we can also do the same thing thanxs for sharing these great skills with steemit family!

Thanks for share much more information about photography.

Wah, you shared very informative pOst with us which is so long to read but I can say this is worth to read.
ThOugh I am fond of sketch and even I made numerous sketches of different people as i ma just at initial stage

after making sketch I nee to capture them using camera to post here on steemit thats why this guide going to help me.. thankyOu!!!

Thanks for sharing your information! i like it and appereciate your work I wish you all the best

Thanks sir for sharing this about photography this pyramid really help us to take awsome images I will 100% follow your pyramid steps.

When I read these lines I said to myself, did I take into account even once these steps I do not take pictures
I need one to pay attention to the picture frame was the location of the shadow and sun proximity and distance from the thing to be photographed only
But there are some shots you should take the picture in the penalty of the second Do you put these things seriously

when people asked me, I say photography is a passion

Hi rockz.. You wrote your 10 years experience so wisely and perfectly in a pyramid for newbies.. The thing about you most impressive is your sharing and caring habit.. Thank you so much.. I am really thankfull to you for the knowledge you shared.. I thought before how a good photographer is succeed to show some special idea and situation in his shots.. Now i can understand it clearly.. But actually it is time taken and practicing matter and depend upon that how your experience and practice made yoy to show your imagination in your shot..

you have written basic rules of photography in a very simple and common wording. These words are so helping while photography. I like your blog and learnt many things. Thank you

I must say that I really enjoyed the sincerity and encouragement you gave.... certainly gave me food for though bcz i love to shot

oh i thought it was just taking images with a camera but a professional photographer like you really work hard in taking images.I was thinking of buying DSLR then i will follow your steps for taking images.
Thanks for sharing with us :)

I guess, the biggest newbie-failure is "light" or how to position as a photograph.
I see so many ppl who takes shots agains the sun and such things.
Espic. for decent cams or smartphonecams light/sun is essental for proper quality. It takes a while to "see" how to ;)

There is nothing wrong with shooting against the sun, when you try to accomplish a picture who can profit from that. But in most cases the result is pretty useless :D haha

Special piece of guidelines provided by you , but as all say that "Practice makes a man perfect", so if a person practices more what he/she love to do.

So he can surely be successful one day ....

well amazing please share something about night mode photography .. loved the post restreem

yes this is so true..
practice makes a man perfect but for becoming great photographer i need DSLR and for that i have to work very hard.. and hope @rockz you will help me in getting success???

@rockz your photography steps are very helpful to me because i am also doing photography and i never knew about these steps.
But i think besides these steps we need some practise as well :)

Love your post @rockz. Photography is indeed your thing. Been a while, seems you went of the grid.

Nice knowledge in chart

@rocks excellent post i think time matter a lot in photography

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