Girl in the woods

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I took this image a few years ago and it is still one of my favorites. I love the contrast between the rough nature and the innocent dress the girl is wearing. What do you think?

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wowww....That's a beautiful lady.It look like potarit :)

She is pretty and i like women with short hairs...Please visit my blog☺
I have resteemed

Thank you very much for your resteem ;)

And thanks to you for visiting me😊

Its amazing photography with beautiful model

Wow really a beautiful girl awesome photography

Its a wonderful photography of beautiful girl love it

Wow it's really amazing. 😊😊

Länger nichts von dir gesehen. Was macht die Erkältung/Grippe?
Tolles Foto! Weiß wie die Unschuld und doch rothaarig? 😁

Auch stilmäßig eher ein Bruch, ein so sauberes Kleid vermutet man nicht im Wald.

Hehe, najo ich habs überlebt. Werde von Tag zu Tag fitter, danke der Nachfrage :P

Haha, ja in dem Foto passt einiges nicht zusammen... Ein gezielter Bruch von konventionen ist manchmal erfrischend, nicht? :P

Das klingt gut.
Ja definitiv Mal was anderes! Wenn meine VP mal wieder etwas höher ist als 70% dann Vote ich auch wieder :)

really amazing

A wonderful image purity of nature and purity of spirit.
Although I am this dress for walking in the woods this is a party dress or Dahab to shop ...

Wow, it's really amazing!
Great Photography @rockz

oh This is amazing sir you are Great Love this post Sir

gorgeous she is

amazing i got why its your favourite mavilious great photography!

The first impression that i take after saw that picture, it's innocent, pleasurable, delightful. and i love that standing style, she desperately thinking something.
Thanks a lot, your today contribution is amazing, now it becomes not only your favorite picture.
Steem On...

Wow she is gorgeous. . . . An amazing shot @rockz
And now it’s also my favourite coz i am love with her white dress
Thanks for sharing

i impress your photography... so this picture............keep it up.........

soo amazing
it looks as an angel 💖😘

It's really beautiful and amazing photography i like it. You are very creative. I appreciate you.
Wish you avery happy and bright future.

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great post.nice job.amazin photo.

Yeah! This is a perfect contrast beautiful shot in beautiful Nature, this is looking very cute 😍💞

Yeah me 2 loved the contrast of this picture going to resteem it because its so beautiful and people should also see.

very very nice photography. upvoted

so cute is she the same in last post ? do check my blog friend thanks @zshah

She looks 'Tom Boy' with boy haircut " :P but looking Gorgeous in white dress :)

The theme you select for this photograph is just amazing. And the expressions of the girl seem very innocent. You have a best skill of photography. I really appreciate your work.

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She looks like a nature of beauty queen

great photography love your post!

Nice photography
Happy day

its really amazing.

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She's a very pretty lady in white dress, lOoking AwxOme also my favorite white colOr ....!!
I Resteemed :)

Awesome, thanks for the resteem ;)

uR most welcOme #rocks :)

where are yOu @rockz missing yOu and your post ;)

Awesome looking so pretty and great photography @rockz

She is beautiful ❤️
Amazing click ☺️

I see a woman you conjure into an angel.
your photo is like a photo on a teen magazine.
This is very nice .
this is perfect lord @rockz

Teach me photography too brother

the white dress and green nature is great simile

nice picture sir

i love this

upvoted and followed you.

Absolutely gorgeous...

What a brilliant shot !
Really rockz !

another peace of art ... really admiring photograph