A wild path

in photography •  2 years ago 


An older portrait photo I took a few years ago. Still one of my favorite shots.

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I resteemd :)
where is she from ??

awesome, thanks for the resteem.
She's a friend of mine from Switzerland ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Switzerland mine most faviourit place!!
I wish I'll be must go One day in my life and met with your beautiful friend...!!

such a wonderful image really you work great

Great photography on portrait mode

Her eyes touches my heart

She's soOo pretty girl !!

Feels like home... Miss the smell of sun burnt meadow in summer.. Can't wait!

both photography and girl awesome... you really capture superb click every time ...nice buddy

Awww...shes so cute...nice photography


Stunning please follow me i am new and i will follow back.

Dope pic. This is incredible. This is definitely one of the few real art I've seen on this platform.

now its become mine favorite too ....innocent look

MARVELOUS capture... Thanks for sharing.. Keep on doing the good work.

i think this one random click the girl dont know about that what a wonderful click man

She is really cute.

Wow, so lovely! The colors in this photo are stunning! Greens and mellow orange and your friend's hair.

very nice photo

That is a nice shot

💎Hailie Kaye

The great photography

really wonderful shot you have a nice style photography @rockz

Hi rockz.. Its beautiful.. Perfect shoot with Amazing color combination .. I wonder that the skirt colors are same as back ground and hair color..

wawooow thats really amazingly done fabilious lokking pic!

Whoa! It looks cool in yellowish color, good shot 😊

rocks you are awesome i really like your photographhy!
nice click eveer seen!
seen the girl love the flower!

Yeah, it is a great photo after all, Love the overall coloring in it and as you said a wild path it is..... certainly beauty of nature personifies here :) Nailed it surely you will see this photo in 2019 again and still will be your one of the best :)

Wow, she’s soo beautiful

wonderful portrait photo i like it so much .. you are pro of photography

Nice photo. Seems like an elf searching track in the forest.

@rocks yes its a nice one like it <3

Really wonderful picture
Beautiful girl in a very beauty place
Thank you for this look

U Always share Amazing photography @rockz


Great and wonderful shot i like the green nature background and the model too looks wonderful

really awome click .

Beautiful potrait :)

wow, beautiful, who is this in the picture?

Great shot, you are a pure walking Angel

wonderful picture

i captured a shot last year and posted it now like you which also contain some plants but not a human if you like you can watch it buddy here

Amazing photography coool

I am new and follow you please follow me backj

really loved that

Beautiful girl captured on potrait :)

i have to ask something can i

Another amazing wonderful shot from you!! :)

I can't moving my eyes from the picture. Wow wow wow.

She is pretty :) It looks like her photo don't look potrait :)

waaoww very nice she is very lovely..
whats her name?
from where she is? <3
will be glad to knw? :)

Amazing! Unfortunately too late for my vote. So I gave to your latest posts instead.

Very emotiv @rockz