The PhotoStreem tribe officially introduces its curators.

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It has been a few days of much work and very tired, we are exhausted of the many things to do and create for all of you, but it has also been of great benefit. First of all, thank you very much for the participation and positive acceptance of our “PhotoStreem” tribe, if you are happy to have a project that values ​​your photographic art, we are much happier than you.

We have already talked about the airdrop, but we had not had the opportunity to introduce you to our team of official curators. We have a fully professional and comprehensive team, they were carefully chosen because we want all of you to have the opportunity to be rewarded, to learn from them and to feel identified.

We have a dynamic and comprehensive curators team that will make manual curation fun and rewarding.

We are pleased to introduce you to our first 8 official curators of the PhotoStreem tribe.


Ruslan Bolgov, born in 1974 in Klaipeda, Lithuania (those times USSR, generally my way to photography started early in end of 1980s with some trials to shoot on film with my first Zenit ET. But all those attempts remained on amateur level.

After graduating from St.Petersburg University of Economics and Finance, photography was almost completely forgotten, until finally about 4 years ago I have got my first Full Frame Canon 5D Mark II and started to train skills shooting landscapes and trying to find my own style and colors.

Second runner-up Lithuania Sony Awards 2017 , winner Lithuanian Sony Awards 201, PSA Who is Who 2018 - Worldwide 2nd in Black and White / 5th in Color / 15th in Travel, International photo-salons winner: FIAP Blue Badges, FIAP/PSA/MOL/GPU/IAAP/IUP and Salon medals and Honorable Mentions. Works published in local and international magazines.


My name is Wes. I in my mid 30s and live in the US. I am a professional photographer. I specialize in documentary photography and natural portraits. I also like taking pictures of all the little things. I am a moderator for the Creative Coin. I run a weekly photography contest on my page called the Deranged Photography Contest that is open to photographers of all skills levels and has prizes for beginners through professionals.


We're two best friends for more than fifteen years, Yen and Eli are our names and we have developed our digital desing and illustrations skills for approximately 2 years.

We are creative illustrators with independent experiences in the development illustrations.

We are responsible and dedicated to our projects. Currently, We're active members of the Topaz community in the coordinator role.


My name is Damian and I'm a visual artist / professional photographer. After chasing a career in the IT sector for more than 15 years, back in 2013 I decided to make my life happier and simpler by devoting myself to photography. I enjoy photographing many things, but I love travel photography, making portraits and covering interesting events, either personal or company related. I am also a stock photographer, selling visuals (both photos and footage) to more than a dozen of agencies. I have Master of Sciences degree in Nuclear Energy, I write from time to time, mostly my travel stories and am a guitar player, my favorite types of music are jazz and rock, sometimes chill-out when there’s more on my plate. I love driving, I calculated my mileage recently and it appears I’ve been to the Moon and back about 3 times already!



My name is Jason (abbreviated as @jzn) and I'm an engineer by profession, I got introduced to cryptos through steem almost 2 years back, and have been hooked ever since. Most of my crypyto journey has been spent as a curator and I also post photos on my blog as an amateur photographer, documenting my life and experiences. I've been part of @ocd as a curator since its inception and am also part of the eSteem team.


My name is Bruno. I'm a pseudo-photographer based in Portugal, and I'm 41 years old. I mainly shoot nature related subjects. I love black and white photography, macro, bokeh and legacy lenses. Besides curating for photostreem I also run my own little project called @monochromes, and am part of @qurator's moderating team.


My name is Jason, I live in south central Missouri. My day job is photography but taking portraits is a hobby I enjoy when I have the time! I enjoy hiking, kayaking and love photographing all of our adventures here in the southern Missouri Ozarks!! I run the #portraitcontest which is in it’s 96th week here on the Steem Blockchain!!! I’ve been around Steemit for almost three years now and I’m excited to see where we can take this brand new PHOTO tribe!!


My name is Nely and I live in the sunny Spain. I am a big crypto enthusiast and joined STEEM in August 2016. I am a curator for the @cervantes community since the very early days and I am also a moderator on their Discord server.

Although I am not professional, I absolutely LOVE photography and for all the above is why I am SO happy and proud of being able to be part of this team. This is just starting, but I am sure that we'll see big things happening soon. See you on the blockchain!

Join us in our discord

Many thanks to our official designer @cafeconleche for the curators' designs, and to our friend @camiloferrua for the public designs he shares in our discord.


Administrator of the official discord of the PhotoStreem tribe

Thanks so much to the founders @news-today and @swedishdragon for creating this great tribe @photo-token.

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Well done, @pennsif!

Cheers, !BEER 🍻 and a huge hug from @amico 🤗

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Thank you @amico.

Thank u so much!

It's an honor to be part of this committed team.
Despite being just an amateur with a good eye, when I look around at all the other curators and team members, I can't help but to feel confident about the future of the photography tag in the Steem blockchain.

You have more then just a great eye sweets :D You do superb monos with a delish texture Plus you have a great hunting skill tooo ;)
We are lucky to have you here

We're honored to have you as a team, and we know you'll do a great job. Many successes on this new path.

Completely happy to provide our support for the benefit and growth of the photographers community, we'll always do our best effort to support hard work and of course we're really happy to contribute to the growth of this tribe.

Thank you for the opportunity ❤️📷

Cheers, !BEER 🍻 and a huge hug from @amico 🤗

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We are grateful for the beautiful work you do, we are sure we will have a lot of fun as a team. Thank you for being a part of us.

I am glad to be a part of this talented curation team.

Cheers, !BEER 🍻 and a huge hug from @amico 🤗

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We are grateful that you are part of our new family.

wow, that's a great team with devoted people... This thing can't go wrong :)))

Good luck and enjoy yourself !!!

I completely agree with you, mate!

Thank you so much for the good wishes. :)

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Upvoted and resteemed: I'm pretty sure this tribe will succeed!

P.s.: one "d" missed in @lightcapture, dear @roadstories: the right one is @lightcaptured! 😜

I was going to note the same error. But you @amico been quicker...
Sure it is @lightcaptured

Thank you, @onealfa! 🍻

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Yeah, sorry, it was my mistake, thank you very much.

You are most welcome! 😜

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feels good to be part of the photostreem tribe & such a great team !! happy to support the photo community :)

We feel much better, you are great, thank you for being part of PhotoStreem.

Just perfect to be in :)

I still can't believe you're with us, it's an honor, thank you very much. You were the first healer who came to my mind and whom I contacted first.

Lets hope this decision was right and together we make photo tribe better!

Let me add some

!trdo as well! 👍🍻

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I'm new here in this world of photography but i see interesting people with talent.

I'm glad to know about you.

You're welcome, thank you very much for your support.

👏 Super excited that, even as a newbie, I recognize some of the names on this list! Congrats, and looking forward to being a part of the community!

(Also, I'm bummed I missed the airdrop price, but I still got my hand on - and stake - half a PHOTOM 😅 as soon as my n00b self figured out how to use steem-engine. But of course it was at a higher price already 😭)

Thank you very much for all your support!

So glad to be a part of this!! Thanks for having me!!!!!

We are the grateful ones, we know you will do a great job.

Congrat for all

Thx dude!

Wow...what a great news. Glad to know them as photo curators. All the best...

Thank u! :)

Great news, only now I found about this. As someone that mainly posts amateur photography, wish you all the best!

Thank you very much for the good wishes, we hope to be a good team for all of you.

For all the familiar faces I see there, I don't have a doubt! 😉👍

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Very interesting the photo steem trybe. I am beginning at photography I hope you like my amateur works.

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We expect the best from you, welcome to our tribe.

Looks like a great initiative guys. Things moving so quickly here its hard to keep up ;-)

We want to bring the best, that's why we've created a great team.

Congratulations! I just stopped by to say that your post has been selected as a daily Featured Post of my personal curation project! You can find the daily Featured Post HERE.
I upvoted your contribution and I put it on the list because to my mind your post is what I call a quality content!
I am @miti, a manual curator that shall make available all his Steem Power to authors deserving of support. Let's make STEEM great again!
Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Thanks so much :) We appreciate it very much.

You're welcome ;-)

oh, I recognize more than one name here.
nice to see faces and read the stories behind.
really excited.

We are excited, thank you very much for your support.

Wish you all the best of luck, boys.. the field of photography is very important in the Social Media so I welcome this new Scot Tribe.

We are happy with the great acceptance and participation of this tribe, thank you very much.