Will Adobe's Photoshop be dead soon?

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Adobe's Photoshop is a product which almost everybody out there has heard about and above that, something which almost everyone has played around with at some point of time. Around 3 decades old, when this product was officially made available to the public, it came as a tool that primarily targeted the photo editing and manipulation needs. Since then, photographers and artists have used this for a whole blot of things like from creating professional looking images to some funny face replacements.

Further down the line, when web designing started picking up pace in early 2000, Photoshop became one of the de-facto standard in web UI creation and almost every web designer used this as the primary tool for all their creative needs. And when the mobile app revolution came in late 2000, the designers quickly started this for developing cool looking mobile app interfaces.


But with recent advancements in the tools available in market from Adobe themselves and from other providers, there is a strong competition out there and it seems like Photoshop might be dead soon and will be replaced by other similar offerings.

The two of the primary tasks that Photoshop used to do can now be done by tools from Adobe itself. Photo editing and manipulation is now very well handled by Adobe Lightroom, while Adobe XD does a pretty good job in creating high quality user interfaces for web and mobile. Besides this, the market has quite a number of new players who are performing well. Some of the notable mentions or competitors or alternatives, whatever you might like calling them, are:

Photo Editing Tools:

  1. Luminar by Skylum
  2. Capture One
  3. Affinity Photo

UI Design Tools:

  1. Sketch
  2. Figma
  3. Invision Studio

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think likewise? Let me know in the comments below.

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I use Lightroom and love it. It has everything I need as a blogger. I am not a pro photographer. I just want to be able to find my photos and improve them before posting.

I tried PS twice and both times gave up quickly. It is too complicated for regular people, and the pros are a smaller niche. Also it does not have the good cataloguing like Lightroom, and that is the best feature for me.

I would not surprised to see PS die, but Adobe as a company is so robust that they might keep it even when the user base is small.

I'm not familiar with your other choices and will stick with LR.

Thank you for an interesting question. I will go edit some photos now. I have been neglecting this area of my work and need to get back on track!

Is PS dead? I think that is a very extreme point of view. I do not think it is dead or will die in the near future. I remember when GIMP was taking over because of being opensourced and much more easier to use many were saying PS was dead, but it wont die so easily.
You already mentioned the reason, they have a very good stronghold in the market and a popular reputation. I have heard of capture one but I need to look into the others. Maybe then I will change my mind

Yes, I would highly recommend you to check the other ones.

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hello dear friend, I have tried photoshot is excellent ..

I just use paint for everything. Gonna be pretty crazy when photoshop ain't the go to vernacular.

everything evolves maybe they do not eliminate it but improve it

I did not even know PSvwas dying out. When I first started learning about editing pics I was using it. Amazing how things change in the tech world.

I'm not sure it will be totally dead. They can also bring in new innovations unless they don't want to continue it again.

@rjoshicool, No matter how good particular product is, it will going to replaced by something else and particularly in the world of Competition it's difficult to continue with same pace. But let's see.