My Entry for the Sunset Photo Contest #Day4 by @flamingirl

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

@flamingirl Thank you very much for organizing this contest.
I took this photo on the border of Nepal few days back during my trip
I am very fond of watching sunset and capture them whenever i get chance

Picture Clicked by Me


Edited Using Snapsed

This is the real unedited picture


My Entry



Above Pictures are taken on Xiaomi Redmi 4X

All rules I can not follow perfectly, this is due to many reasons

  1. I took the picture when I didnt knew about the contest.
  2. As I was not aware of the contest I wasnt able to click the Picture during sunset written on a paper for my entry .
  3. This photo I am publishing is purely my property, without stealing elsewhere, I will retreat if you can show me my
    unnatural or fake photo.

Hope @flamingirl respond to my entry.

Upovte, Comment, Resteem if you like

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