While I'm waiting...

in photography •  5 months ago


Mondays are the day that I do a weeks worth of Holi-Art renderings, and today I find myself checking the markets more than usual. I have to make myself remember that even though the markets are down in the short term, they are up in the long term...But it's hard for a pessimist such as myself.

Today's favorite song quote?
"If love is a labor I'll slave 'til the end, and I'll run these streets if you give me a chance, I've been here so long."
-MGK, Swing Life Away

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Talk to me about this tag. What does it mean?

I hope he wins luck 🤗


Haha Me too!

such quote, much deep, so wow

I do not know much about currency quotes and analytics. Do you want to buy the steem now?


Me when someone asks me if now is the time to buy:

We check constantly these days all markets. Unfortunately I am very pessimistic!
Hard music in the meantime! :D
I love words


I'm pessimistic, too! haha