Afternoon at the Golf

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Dear Steemian Friends

Today I want to share with you a few pictures of the golf course that is about 15 kilometers from my house. Golf is a great place to have a business talk at the same time hitting some balls and have a great walk. This particular golf is 9 holes and it is in the middle of beautiful vegetation. You have to walk 8 kilometers in order to play the 9 holes, sure you can take the golf cars but it is better to walk and take advantage of the surrounding. The pictures have been taken when the sky was cover with big rain clouds as it is now the rainy season in Thailand. I hope you enjoy the pictures and it makes you travel a little.







Love and Happiness



I think there’ll be global financial collapse in less than 2 years’ time!

Do you think cryptos will be useful then?!

Also, when the crisis will happen there is a huge chance that BTC and decentralized crypto will skyrocket to a never imaginable street value as the masses will get against the system, even the sleeping ones will open their eyes on the system. Maybe the best way to get an idea of when the crisis will happen is to look back at the video of Christine Lagarde the former head of the IMF from the year 2014 "GLOBAL ECONOMIC RESET IMMINENT IMF Christine Lagarde" when as a cabal member she was talking about number 7 in numerology and the need to economic reset, it seems to point at 2020/2021

Nice to know what the French government is trying to prepare some population for the crisis and emergency situation. I think there will be riots and looting everywhere across the globe!

Don’t know if bank runs will happen in Thailand!!
I think blockchain and cryptos will save many lives!

I think Thailand is pretty safe but if China's economy falls Thailand will follow, I also think that Thailand anticipates the problem with Fiat currency and the recent way to pay with cryptos via the app like "satang" is a plus. EU will be a massacre with all the African migrants but this was done by design!

Yes! I think someone in the Thai government knows what’s coming in the near future. Have you seen the advertisement about the SCB using Ripple in making Money transfer much cheaper!!
All the big banks are using Ripple now!!

But the Thai economy will suffer to as public debts are huge! Luckily tourism still brings in the money! Soon that will stop too!

Chinese four major bank runs have got the support of PBOC so they are printing money like crazy!

Sad stories about Hong Kong and their useless struggle which was in a way a blood sacrifice by the cabal!

Europe is going to be like the bloody crusade time then!
Divide to rule and blood sacrifice all over the earth! They really play the black power game!

Praying for goodness and light to over come all evil!

Thailand is in my eyes one of the very best countries, as Thailand always knows how to have a certain independence, also because of the Thai language it knows how to rely on itself and stay as a quite closed country. Thai culture is strong and not polluted by stupid mainstream ideologies. Also, living in a village where I have very good relations with everybody I know in case of big trouble that the place is quite easy to protect and to be self-sufficient.
EU on the other hand with the stupid leftist and globalist ideologies that they had put in the head of the people is just a huge mess of divisions, French people fight each other because when you point at the people who bring this situation you get call a Nazi, we have no right to protect our country most people like me are now living outside EU (one of my friend who is voicing the problems on the internet get 12 years jail sentence for ideas) when looking at HK vs CCP it is the same in EU but they won't call themselves communist but in the end they are because when you get higher sentences for your logical ideas you get punish harder then a murder but when newcomers from Africa or the Middle East migrate to EU and rape an EU women they don't even go to jail neither get kicked out of EU. Illegal immigrants never get kicked out, but they are those who commit crimes at over 80%, they are those who have war weapon so it will be a massacre for sure. You cannot imagine how much I hate the leftist and even more those who have pushed the country government to be like that. You know who they are I talk much time about them and their long problem with Christianity (2000 years old problem) and many people in France are seeing Islam as the problem but it is not the real problem it is the consequence of those I talk about. Little are the people who are aware or maybe many are but most are so afraid to be labeled as Nazis and end up in jail where they get killed by migrants because of justice as calling them Nazis. EU is dead and it will be a massacre.

This is very, very sad to know the tragic end of people in the near future!

Yes, I heard illegal weapons have been easy to smuggled into the country. The cabal really wants to reduce population down to 500 million very soon! Islam has been used as a tool by these monsters to destroy humanity in a future show down.

Financial collapse will ignite riots in many countries as people will be very angry and hungry and desperate at the sane time! It’s going to be bloody and horrible! Much worse than Venezuela!

Luckily we are in a much safer place than others. Hopefully, good and able people would step up when the crisis arrived one day.

Yes, Thailand is a safer place but it also a place wherein the case of an economic collapse other things can put the country in trouble like the political divisions that are just in sleeping mode at the moment. But, I hope those political leaders will get enough logic to not start a fire.
Also, in the case of cryptos, I notice something every time I go to the bank where I have my account, they always ask me questions about crypto as they know I am into it. Like what is valuable crypto at the moment, how to recognize a good crypto, how a consensus work in crypto and much more question. Are these Thai bankers trying to put their personal funds into crypto or are they try to prepare for what is about to come?
In a few days, I will do a post for tell the community about it and try to get some of them aware and prepared.

Sure the financial collapse is coming fast, difficult to say when but most previsions are about 2020. About crypto, we can see all governments are running and try to get a blockchain with stable coin but also the BTC model is now taught in schools in France also the official government of France website is recommending citizens to make food and medicine reserve, my friends told me that in France also they start to make some road signs like "citizen meeting place". Crypto can be the way to make the change, gold maybe use also but the problem with gold is that people will get ripped off if a crisis, silver is a way safer way to exchange in small quantities. But personally I am sure that crypto will have a big if not the biggest role to play but as we say don't put all your eggs in the same basket. Sorry for not posting at the moment but we are here every day sometime tookta take care as I've been to HK witnessing what will be the fall of HK as we know it, so sad!

Yes! Hong Kong is a sad story! The canal will destroy it and make people having no choice but to become slaves. Those young people are not well read so they are easily misled.

Next year is quite scary! Are you meeting some friends who are coming for Steem Fest4? I have to meet up two people from Finland. I don’t seem to know that many people, some had already left posting!

Yes, HK is very sad! China police is in and the fireman said they never get that much dead bodies out of the sea, in the last month is more than in the last 14 years. China is no joke even for S.E.A. it will be a problem in the future.
I am not meeting anyone as I have no time for that at the moment. You know what I think about SF4 it is just a big joke.

Yes! I know this Steem Fest is a stark reflection of certain kind of mentality. It’s funny how some people haven’t changed much since the colonisation period in the brutal history of Mankind.

It’s probably the last Steem Fest they will ever have! This is a historic one! After the financial collapse globally, Steemit will never be the same again!

Have you read about the new Appics App?! I think new rivals and developments will leave Steemit behind!

Thanks for sharing the info.

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About the memo, that user purchased a vote from therising few days late, which means it was obviously not for promotion and just for the profitable vote which goes against the EIP. We don't have to understand the language to realize why this vote was purchased.

Hi, @acidyo, thanks for the reply, now I understand the reason for your downvote, at first I was thinking it was about the content (reason for me asking about reading Thai) but it was about a bot. I use to forbid the use of bot in the Thai community as it is toxic for the eco-system of Steem but lately with the low price of Steem I allow it. I am glad to see someone trying to do something about the bots (it must have never been allowed in the first place but at the beginning of Steem no one know what will go out of bots) the problem with bots is many witnesses are involved in it and there was a kind of pressure on Inc. from big stakes regarding the forbid of bots.

The difference is that before the hardfork no one could do anything about it as most stake was losing ROI if they used their voting power for downvotes, but now we can discourage the use by removing the profit from them with the downvote mana.

No new posts! Long time!
What’s happening in the world?!

Hi, @kaminchan, sorry, yes it is a long time without posting and with all the craziness happening at the moment I do have a lot to say but before talking about different news subject I will first address to our community because I need to explain a few things and if our users follow the news in the world a least a little they will understand what is about to come and how good luck they have to be in crypto. Also, I want to ask the community to help us to launch a new recruitment campaign because when crypto will go mainstream again we may have a very big wave of newcomers and we must be ready to get them on board. So, everyone as a role to play. About my post, I will post tomorrow or the day after and be on track again as I told you (I am sure you know) that I gave a kit to talk about as every time we are struck with a bad news from the elite we can trust them to make even worse next time and most of the population will not even understand what is going on. What a crazy time we are living in and the worst is the population that is seams to be sleeping like they take some sleeping tablet or even better some no thinking tablet, but we are here to help them wake up. Luckily there is people like you that understand the big picture. Thank you...

Thank you very much for the reply!

Please post you article soon!

IT is already written and must post it tomorrow. Thank You...

Okay! Thanks!’

This is a very nice place e for walking exercise! Very peaceful!

It is a place to chill out!

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Thanks for sharing this amazing place

Hi! Hope you are well!

How about a post about the future of cryptos and economic situation in 2020?!

Should we be afraid?!

Happy New Year dear @kaminchan, sorry for the late reply. Yes, it is a good idea to do it because many things are going a good way for crypto and it should be talked about for Thais to know and get prepare. I really don't think we should be afraid as most countries are on the way to accept crypto as a form of payment and as a digital asset. I will do a post but I need a few days to have some free time.

Thank you for your reply!

These two days,Bitcoins and cryptos are doing much better!

Good prices have changed several times today!

Is World War 3 coming soon?!
I hope it’s just a regional battles!


It is not in the interest of USA to enter in a war against Iran, but Israel is trying to push USA and EU to make war to Iran. Israel is the demon on earth.

The Thai newspapers and analysts seem to be reporting in the bushes!! They talked a lot of rubbish! Incredible! And Thai people just believe them!! Crazy!

Hey dear Ricko, how are you?? You are still Creative as i knew you, nice to see your posts again 👋 Fabulous pictures, enjoy your time

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