I SPY | How To Draw Relistic Eye

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Hello Everyone! Today I want to show you this drawing I did the other day and maybe give some tip's, or even get some tip's myself.

The Start 


So I first started of by drawing a perfect rectangle with a ruler and dividing it into 8 equal sides and then started by sketching the base of the eye.

Then I added the bottom lid and the brow.

I also added the Lacrimal Caruncle.

Then I started with the Iris.

I then added the Pupil.

I added a small block on the side of the Pupil just to make it look like the eye is looking at something, like a window. 

From there I added very light strokes from the Pupil all the way to the end edges of the Iris excluding where the square is.

I then added some dark stroke's from the Pupil towards the Iris, not all the way as you can see and vice versa.

Once i had the bases of everything I made the base darker.

The reason I made it darker is because it was very lightly done, because if you mess up you can still erase with ease.


As you can see I then shaded the top part of the Iris and the sides all round.

I even shaded very slightly the bottom lid. 


Now I shaded a bit of the inside of the eye.

Tip: Using a Q-tip to smudge and lighten the shading is a very helpful trick.


From there I darkened the eye a bit and added eyelashes.


I darkened the eye a bit more and added a bit more shading just to add some depth.


I added the bottom lashes, still need some work on that but will get there one day.


Thank you so much for checking out my post ! If you have any questions , I'll be more than happy to answer any you may have .
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