The beauty of Artist

in photography •  8 months ago

Hi friends today I am hanging out with my friends and I suddenly saw that. I can,t stop myself to taking a picture of that. I hope you like it. When you do any work from your heart then it must be awesome.


CameraCanon 700D
Taken by@reza13

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আপনার ছবি তোলার হাত দারুন।


Thank you for your support.

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You are going absolutly right way on steemit. Make my steem timeline more interesting You type peoples. anyway, what is this place @reza13
Carry on. Thanks for share with us.
I need more learn to you.


thank you my dear for your support. @anon9 . If you need any help then feel free to tell me. I will try my best. The name of that place is biman jadughor . If you want to visit. I can give you instruction .


yes sure. I want to visit this place.
where it is


The place is near IDB vobon in Agargaon . From Mirpur 10 you can go this place by bus or rickshaw easily.

Excellent photo, I also liked it.


Thank you dear for your support.

lovely! :))


thank you dear.


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Cute green bunnies, Excellent camera choice


thank you friend for your support. @tokoya

hahaha! that's funny! you made my day!


Thank you dear.

@reza13 keep it up. I know you will be succeeded in your life. I want to see a couple pictures of yours.


Thank you dear for your support. @foridulislam21 Brother you have to waiting till 2021 for seeing my couple picture. I hope i will see your couple earlier than me what you think dear.

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