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in photography •  7 months ago

I like to do my bit to increase exposure of talented content creators on the platform, so this series of posts will shine a light on creative photographers - particularly those who might be underexposed (no pun intended ;) ).

Welcome to the fourth edition of Revo Curates! These are some of the images that have impressed me this week. Click on the post links and give them some love if you like what you see.

First up is a perfectly lit and colour-balanced astro shot, with some creative light painting, from @derekkind

Next is another astro shot by @idkpdx of an abandoned homestead that has unfortunately been destroyed by fire now

@sejo has captured an impressive photojournalism shot from Venezuela

And finally some stark architectural shots by @kevinreber. Make sure you check out his post for some other cools shots of this

Remember, if you like what you've seen here, follow the links to the photographers post/blog and give them some love. And if any of the photographers featured here would like their image removed from this post, please let me know.

And you can see some of my photography here on my blog, or on my Instagram.
Cheers, Revo!

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Wow I didn't know @revo curates! Lol I'm too busy being self-obsessed.


Haha, yes, I curate when I've had the time to do it. :)

Oh, this is a nice surprise! Thank you so much, @revo!

I love the other images you chose as well, especially that one of the abandoned building, though I'm sad to hear it burned down. I was there a few years ago on a night with northern lights and I have some vivid memories of the place.


Wow that would have been spectacular with northern lights around it.

Wait a second... Are you just going around and taking the photos that have won a contest and then making your own post including these photos AND collecting the rewards for other photographers work? This is not okay and you are abusing the system. I'm pretty sure @themarkymark has a service that takes care of people like you.


"People like me"?? What are you talking about? I'm curating good content. The same as @curie, which you lovingly heaped praise on when they did the exact same thing that I did.

I also clearly state that people should visit the photographer's post and give them some love. I also clearly state if you don't want your images in this post, let me know and I'll remove them. I take it you want yours out?


Further than... Thanks for let me know others great photographers, hope just was a missunderstanding 😊👍


Cheers mate! As you show, the point of these posts are to give photographers more exposure. If this @idkpdx character doesn't want the exposure, then that's all good, he just has to ask me to remove his image. I'll also remove him from my following, so I don't have the misfortune of having to deal with him again.


Yep, :/ it's not a nice situation when something like this happens but as u say, it's done.


😊 I'm happy to know your work by this post or wherever hehehh 😊 hope just a missunderstanding 🤔🙃😊 Have a nice day!

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Great picks! Thanks for sharing :)