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I processed this one with the faded look that is popular these days. I wonder what it is that makes a lot of people (including me) attracted to this look? Any ideas?


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Good question!
I'd say for me its the intimacy. This close look at some thing in the front gives me the impression of being very private with my object of interest. Here, it's crystal clear for me, the small distance is like a lover I engage with. This is focusing. But: this closeness does not blind out everything else. I am still aware of the background and in fact, if you would cut it all out and just leave the close up, it would loose all its charm. It transports for me the intimate relationship towards the close and at the same time the relationship to the external. Never forgetting that there are things out there I do not see clearly yet but of which there is the promise that I can experience them one day. The blurriness is the factor that makes it kind of mysterious. Things I cannot identify in a second attract the viewer as wanting to find out but at the same time satisfied to not really knowing.

I went a little far with that. But hey... you asked :)


Haha, great comment! :)

Love the DOF in this. I call that the PNW (Pacific North West) look. When your up here in the PNW you don't even have to edit it to get that look as it always overcast and bleak which was interesting when I moved to Canada from Australia which has a lot of deep vibrant aqua & blues on the coast and lots of beautiful vibrant red hues inland.

To answer your questions its nice as the lack of colour contrast in the faded look lets you focus on the textural contrast in a way similar to B&W but without loosing all the colour.


Thanks for the great reply, @intrepidphotos. That's interesting to hear about the colours up there. I liked your comment that you don't even have to edit them to look like that when up there.. :)


Yes my portfolio has shifted to those tones just moving up here ;-)

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