Beauty and luxury

in photography •  2 years ago 


Recently I shot a beautiful woman. The task was to create an image to which I could apply the keywords beauty and luxury. Photo for microstocks.


Hairstyle and make-up did my wife, and the second goal was to make promotional pictures for the promotion of her services in social networks.


I did high-retouch for these photos to enhance the effect of luxury.


I shot in my photo studio. I used a gray smoke background, two large strip-boxes 150x40 cm behind the model, an octabox with a diameter of 90 cm on the boom-stand in front of the top and a standard reflector with honeycombs on the background. The camera options: ISO 100, aperture F / 8, shutter speed 1/125

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Very elegant!!!

Yes :)

Double feature in the DPS today @restyler. Upvoted and resteemed.

Cool! Thanks :)

Great work @restyler . And Mrs. Restyler of course!

Hello, thank you :) I will tell my wife, she will be pleased :)