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Yesterday I had a birthday. I turned 40 years old. I rummaged in CDs with old photos and found my works a decade ago. 's pretty funny.

This is me 10 years ago. At that time, I graduated from the army and worked as an engineer in a regional telecommunications provider. The collage contains 4 separate images :)


And this is me again. The photo was taken on the river and I decided to portray the advertising of men's panties. Of course, the level of ownership of photoshop is not on top :)


But like this I used to retouch the girl's face. Now it looks very funny. This is my sister.

тетя света копия1.jpg

This is the sky I photographed 10 years ago from the balcony of a rented apartment. I lived on the very top floor of a five-story building, the windows overlooked the railway and the view was awful. But the sky was fine, of course, I overdid it with saturation :)

фантастическое небо.jpg

And so I made out the photos of flowers that photographed on my first digital camera Olimpus.


That's what my photos looked like 10 years ago. It was funny to remember :) I hope you were having fun too.

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