A little good news!

Hello, everyone!!! How is isolation treating you? I hope you are healthy and keeping busy.

I have 2 rolls of film that just wait for a chance to be developed..but as all the labs are closed these days, I figured it will be months until I see the photos. However!! today I received a mail from my lab that they will continue to develop if we send the film by mail/uber. What a great initiative.

I think initially a lot of people will send them films but later, they will realize that is very hard to take film photos if you don't really go out so..we'll see if there will be anything to develop.
However, I'll have 70 new photos to post around here which is not too shabby am I right?!

Expect some updates and hopefully some nice photos soon!
I realize this is a no issue compared to the real worries we all have..but, I'm trying to focus on the positive as much as is possible.


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